Electric bikes are also available. There is a small airport in Samedan (www.engadin-airport.ch), which is around 5 kilometres/20 minutes away from St. Moritz. Während andere Zürcher Openair-Kinos wegen Corona ins Wasser fallen, entsteht auf dem Adlisberg ein neues. The cancellation is mainly due to low ticket sales, which may or may not have been affected by the current worldwide Covid 19 Virus (Corona Virus) pandemic. July hosts the Gurtenfestival, which is held on top of Gurten Hill. It is one of the best-known vacation spots in Europe. We will be visiting in August and staying in Montreux, Wengen and Zurich (3 days each). 4.60 (May 2016). Basking in a glory of a booming tourism industry, the city has a magical charm, whisking visitors right back to a fairy tale era, some thousands of years ago – to the 13th Century. Equally good value is to be found at Suan Long, underneath the main train station. The bubbly “champagne atmosphere” is as legendary as the St. Moritz sun, which shines on an average 322 days a year! Eine Weiterverarbeitung, Wiederveröffentlichung oder dauerhafte Speicherung zu gewerblichen oder anderen Zwecken ohne vorherige ausdrückliche Erlaubnis von Neue Zürcher Zeitung ist nicht gestattet. Berne is an ideal gateway to the Bernese Highlands. In der Nähe des Zürcher Flughafens feierten die Festival-Besucher trotz Gewitter nochmals ausgelassen. This incredible medieval city centre is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland and has grown in leaps and bounds from its origins as a small lakeside fishing village. The coronavirus spreads best between people who are in prolonged, close contact in indoor areas with poor ventilation, research suggests. Ein Headliner jagt den nächsten. While police officers in Bern will happily help you out if you are in trouble or need information, they are also known for approaching “suspicious” persons in order to check their papers. December is a much favored month in Lucerne and the city is busy not only with winter sports enthusiasts but also visitors flock into the city for the Christmas markets and a super special Swiss white Christmas. The local branch of the Swiss-wide bike sharing Publibike charges CHF 3 for the first 30 minutes. Zurich has drawn people from the rest of Switzerland for centuries, but in the 20th and 21st century it has also begun to draw both people and companies from outside Switzerland and in some cases even outside Europe. From Italy you drive over the Bernina or the Maloja. This traditional company specialises in the finest watches, clocks and jewellery. Und auch die Veranstaltungen im kommenden Jahr sind vor dem Coronavirus nicht gefeit. Lucerne is a heavily touristed destination, and where there are tourists there are pickpockets, con artists, and other sorts of folks up to no good. For best travel deals see the Swiss Travel Planner – walk-up full fare tickets are expensive. Bern was one of the eight host cities in the 2008 European Football Championships. Zürich hat das Zürich Openair / ZH Openair. For better choice of flights, fly into Geneva , Zurich or Basel then take the train to Bern. Unforgettable encounters with wild animals in near-natural parks and exiting discoveries in a primeval forest wilderness form an … The shopping in Lucerne has improved somewhat since Mark Twain’s visit. The Lion Monument of Lucerne is always busy with tourists – no matter the weather or time of year. The formerly free local bike-share “Bern Rollt” has been terminated. Unique to this glorious Alpine region, you start off the evening by feasting on a traditional menu consisting of rostii and fondue, accompanied by the best Swiss wines before the show begins. There are quite a few good spots to hang out. But if you are visiting the city with your skis and or snowboard, then the best time for you to visit would be any time during winter. As it's located outdoors, it's only open when the weather is warm, but it is covered, so a little rain won't pre Here, you can find all types of accommodation from luxurious hotels over holiday apartments, mountain lodges, a youth hostel, to a camping place. Sit back and relax and enjoy an evening of flag throwing, yodelling and alpine horn blowing. In addition, the city has the University of Applied Science also known as Berner Fachhochschule. The S-Bahn stretches over the suburbs of Zurich and is a highly efficient system. Die Organisatoren haben das Festival am Mittwoch offiziell abgesagt. A bit on the pricey side but worth every cent for its excellent service and mouth-watering menu – come hungry book ahead and leave your diet at home. Lots of very strange looking people, all dressed up dancing the day and night away carry on wildly until the festival ends with Fat Tuesday complete with bands, candles, lanterns and a parade of lights. Lucerne’s station hosts several stores which have longer opening hours than most other shops. In Luxushotels, hinter Burgmauern oder im Auto-Separee: Welche Open-Air-Kinos stattfinden – und welche nicht. Die Tramlinien 10 und 12 sowie die Buslinie 510 erschliessen das Openair über die Haltestelle Rümlang, Bäuler. There are hourly trains from Olten and Zürich Airport and half-hourly trains from Zurich, and a direct train every hour from Bern. For a less crowded break in Zurich but with potentially inclement weather, visiting in September or October is advised and the prices for accommodation may be lower. Ob Konzert, Openair oder Fussballspiel: Das Coronavirus hat praktisch allen Grossveranstaltungen im 2020 einen Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht. There are Tourist Information Centres outside the main railway station, and in the Old Tram Depot next to the Bear Pit. Then this is the place to go, where there’s good value for money by Swiss standards and unpretentious, with a new menu prepared every day. Bern is the capital of Switzerland. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. You’ll need your passport or ID. So the best time to go if you want to visit when there are no crowds will be April or May and around the end of September and October. The facilities have recently been upgraded, and the bears can even swim in a section of the river. On the first Saturday of the month there is a craft market in front of the cathedral. Der letzte Corona-bezogene Post datiert vom 5. With fast service and a big variety of Chinese dishes, together with a wide vegetarian selection, this is the ideal eatery; especially if you’re waiting for a train. Although Berne (German: Bern) is the seat of most of the institutions of the Swiss confederation, this is only a small to medium sized city with a population of about 130,000 in the city proper and roughly 350,000 in the urban agglomeration. … Deciding on when to go to Zurich really depends on the activities planned and the expected weather. While the Church used to rule early Medieval Zurich, the Guilds (Zünfte) took power in 1336, establishing Zurich as an autonomous republic. Das Gleiche gilt fürs Openair Frauenfeld (Mitte Juli), wo man uns zusätzlich aufs Instagram-Profil verweist. Coronavirus notice: Unfortunately, this offer is not available due to the COVID-19 situation. The street musicians play mostly cabaret. Auch das Zürich Openair fällt der Corona-Pandemie zum Opfer. Lucerne also makes a very good base for discovering the rest of Central Switzerland, using the Swiss Federal Railway, the Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Vierwaldstättersee, or any one of several private rail or boat companies. If you prefer local to a tourist trap, this is the place to go and rub shoulders with the Bernese. Zurich has a four-season climate typical to central Europe. It’s free, but you are encouraged to give donations to the musicians from all over the world; or at least to buy a festival pin. Copyright © Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG. Sie wollen nach wie vor nichts von einer möglichen Absage wissen. The “Zentralbahn” branch of the Swiss Federal Railways provides also hourly trains between Interlaken and Lucerne during daytime. Reservations may be necessary. What’s On In Zurich Mid to End of December 2020 New Corona Measures From 22nd December 2020 Wishing you a great week ahead. The best weather in Bern is between April and September. – 28. Alles über die Werke, Künstler, Preise, Tickets, Abonnements und Service. It’s a novel experience. Situated in the middle of Switzerland, Berne is easy to reach from all parts of the country. 1,616 guests. It covers the city and its suburbs. There are a couple of worthy examples below, but the real pleasure is in spending a few hours (or days) exploring the arcades and vitrines. The nearby mountains are significantly colder than in the valley, with snow remaining well into spring. Glittery breeze-ruffled waters lap the shores of the rugged Alpine forests, giving way to meadows and valleys. As with most other cities in Switzerland, store opening and closing hours in Berne are strictly regulated. The snow fields around Lucerne offer sporting facililites and good snow from November right through to April. Lucerne offers a true authentic Swiss cuisine experience and is renowned for having some of the best food in the country. See you this summer somewhere down the gypsy road. Using the car in the old town is very difficult and not recommended. To reach the city take Bus 334 or 160 to Belp railway station (10 mins). Zürich Openair is a Swiss multi-genre festival, which has steadily become one of the country's most reliable music festivals for showcasing a diverse lineup spanning rock, indie, pop, electronic, and hip hop's most globally admired stars. On Sundays, all stores are closed, except for those in the main railway station, which are open 7 days a week until about 22:00, and which include Migros and Coop supermarkets. Since our bus trips are, of course, directly related to the Wacken Open Air 2020, we … On Saturdays everything must close by 17:00. It’s popular with the locals who like to play football, do a spot of sun tanning, or barbeque. Carry a photocopy of your passport and your onward ticket with you, stay calm and polite and you won’t have much trouble. There is an hourly service from Bellinzona in Ticino, and Pfäffikon and St. Gallen in the North East. The best-known hotels are the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, Badrutt’s Palace, and the Kulm Hotel. The Gurten Hill is just outside the city. A great fan of Bali, Rhodes & Corfu. The Alemanni, a Germanic tribe, settled in the 5th century. From where you’re sitting in the lounge, you look down through the glass floor onto the dance floor, which has a revolving stage in the centre of it. [coronavirus-region-dashboard height_px=”540px” region=”switzerland”]. In 2008, Old Town was given a new entrance, called the Baldachin. Also located near the China Garden is Zurich’s open-air cinema (summer only) and Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen (a public bath). The clock is so detailed that it also tells the day, the month, the phase of the moon, and the sign of the zodiac! Openair Frauenfeld is one of Europe's biggest hip-hop festivals, held each summer in the city of Frauenfeld, northern Switzerland. Entrance is free. Coronavirus Update Zurich - Back in business Updated: August 17, 2020 Has the spread of the Coronavirus slowed down in Zurich? A taxi to the city is about 40 Fr and takes 20 mins. There has been a slight increase in violence from young people. Most violent crimes and robberies happen in this neighborhood. Other pleasant day trips are to Biel, Fribourg and Gstaad. There are many music festivals held throughout every season, bringing in big name artists from around the world. The central location of Bern offers easy access to trips throughout Switzerland; but Bern itself offers more than enough to keep a holidaymaker busy. Be sure to visit the Zytglogge, or Clock Tower. Vast and breathtaking, Lake Lucerne is a sensational Swiss panorama. Geneva, Basel and Zurich can easily be done as day-trips but deserve a longer stay. The day service on the buses, trams and S-bahn ends just after midnight and at the weekends a night service runs. The retail experience in Lucerne is typically Swiss – a good mixture of high street style brand names and exclusive boutiques and shops. It has 6.4 km (4 miles) of arcaded walkways along streets decked out with fountains and clock-towers. The Theaterspektakel takes place in July and August and this performing arts and theatre festival can be a spectacular show making these months more popular for visitors. The Old Swiss House is an elegant and super popular traditional Swiss Restaurant. Lucerne sits at the northwest end of the Vierwaldstättersee, one of the most beautiful waterways in Switzerland, for travel information from Schwyz, Flüelen, Weggis, and outbound points see the schedule at the Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Vierwaldstättersee. There are also many vocational schools and offices of the Goethe Institute and the Alliance-Francaise (German and French cultural institutes). Zürich, Kreis 7: Es gibt – trotz der Corona-Krise – auch Neuzugänge zu verzeichnen. In the city center, on foot is the best way to see the sights close up, and for shopping and eating at the restaurants. It goes on for four days, and features artists from the international music scene; tens of thousands attend, so it’s quite a party, both day and night. With plenty to see on the way, a journey on foot is favored, especially when the weather is nice. They serve the local Burgdorfer beer, and wifi is available. Trams and buses run along the streets of Zurich and the timetables are generally highly accurate. Thanks to its central location Lucerne railway station (Bahnhof Luzern) can be reached easily from nearly every other city in Switzerland using the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS)). The Stadtkeller, located in the Old Town is one of the best places to experience these shows. People start pouring in in the early morning hours, and by the end of it the squares are strewn with confetti. Zurich Switzerland. This means that you will hear a lot more languages than just Swiss German and the overall atmosphere is a lot more cosmopolitan than you might think. Still in Old Town, the cathedral was begun in 1421 and is the tallest in Switzerland. View all destinations. However, Lucerne is a friendly and safe city. Former founder of Asiarooms.com and now reporting mainly on the Asia Pacific region and the global Coronavirus crises in countries such as Thailand, Germany & Switzerland. Bicycles are available for rent at the central railway station, at ticket window 21 on the lower level. In addition there are queues to get into all of the attractions and sites and the entire city will be heaving with holiday makers. Party event in Zürich, Switzerland by After Corona Festival on Saturday, December 5 2020 with 1.4K people interested and 142 people going. In June, you can enjoy the Bern Dance Festival; devoted to all types of dance. Alle Infos zum Line-Up, den Bands und der Anfahrt Tourism in Lucerne has a distinguished history dating from the mid-19th century, with Mark Twain among them. The suburbs of Berne, Biel and Solothurn form a common public transport network named “Libero-Tarifverbund”. If you prefer a scenic meal, try the Casino Restaurant on Herrengasse. Livigno is just behind the borders, accessible via Bernina Pass. Music Festival Wizard is dedicated to covering the scene, the experience, and the music with news, lineups, reviews, and commentary. The stall holders display their wares, which include onion tarts, and onions plaited together. GartenHaus 1313 is a relaxed and friendly restaurant offering the best Swiss comfort food in a laid back atmosphere. Discover the new district in the Zurich Airport with new stores, restaurants and much more. The public transport system is simplicity itself with a range of buses, trams, S-Bahn trains, boats and cable cars. Its proximity to the university means it’s popular with the students, and is also popular with the local working population. They are valid for all modes of public transport within the zones they encompass. The Douglas collection showcases an intimate portrait of Picasso and his family throughout the years. In A Tramp Abroad he recalls the nascent souvenir business, and other budding examples of the tourism trade. Native wilderness in the environs of the cities of Zurich and Zug. There are no intercity buses in Switzerland as the train system provides ample connections to many destinations in Switzerland. A very touristy thing to do, but it is absolutely magical to experience. BLOOM - Freiluftkino im Landesmuseum - 15.07.2020 - 26.07.2020 The program of the Openair Zürich offers everything visitors could possibly wish for. Bike pick-up and drop-off are around the left side of the train station, at a kiosk across the street from the Swiss Post building. Over 80 top acts at ZURICH OPENAIR 2021. Seit 2010 wird in Glattbrugg, nahe dem Flughafen, das Open air gefeiert bis sich die Balken biegen. The Zurich-Enge Train Station is just an 8-minute walk away and provides direct connections to the airport. Bern is a very safe place with nearly no violent crime. Situated in the north central area and seated upon the river Limmat, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is also the capital of the Canton of Zurich. Look out for works of art by Miro, Picasso, Klee and Cezanne. It’s one of the most important traditional jazz events, and has been running since 1976. Many Bernese will tell you that nightlife in Berne is not exactly what you might call stunning, but they’re probably comparing it to Zurich or Paris. Tickets are valid for all modes of transport within a given zone and time. April is the perfect time to see Zurich slowly waking from the winter months and some of the surrounding higher peaks will still be topped with snow so it can be very picturesque. Berne has an excellent public transportation system, with frequent local city services provided by trams, trolleybuses and buses, together with an S-Bahn rail system for longer journeys into the surrounding suburbs. Zurich is also home to a number of large banking and insurance conglomerates that grew on the fabled Swiss banking secret and still enjoy good reputations in the financial sector. It was occupied by French troops in 1798 during the French Revolutionary Wars, and was stripped of a large part of its territory. If you’re into gambling the Grand Casino Bern offers black jack, poker, roulette and over 300 slot machines. The ancient bastions and entrenchments drop steeply down to the river. Longing for a mouth-watering home cooked meal? For Fr. Hourly express trains connect to most other cities, including Interlaken, Brig, and Lucerne. There are few areas that should be avoided, including the area around the Basel street, where you will find a colourful and exciting cultural mix is relatively harmless. If a ticket is purchased for a particular zone, it can only be used for that zone. There are public pools along the river which are free, so you can ‘land’ at one of them to have a shower afterwards. You absolutely have to try the Bern Pub Crawl! DJs from the VIP ROOM Paris and Mansion Miami have also played there. Book the tour at the tourist office. ... Das Openair Frauenfeld verbreitet trotz Veranstaltungsverbot aufgrund des Coronavirus Zuversicht.